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When choosing your Beetlejuice cast costume, you have plenty of options. The movie’s costumes are elaborate and detailed. Whether you want to become Lydia, Beetlejuice, or just be one of the cast members, you can find an outfit to fit your style. Moreover, the costumes include all the equipment you need to wear them.

Beetlejuice Costume

A Beetlejuice costume will let you embody the mischievous ghost from the Tim Burton film. The wretched, crude, and deranged Beetlejuice has a wicked sense of humor and loves to play tricks on unsuspecting humans. Whether you want to scare your friends or terrorize your enemies, a Beetlejuice costume is an excellent choice.

This Beetlejuice costume is made of high-quality materials. It features a latex mask, a white suit with black stripes, and a black high-cut polo. The outfit also has a single button closure in the back. Those who are looking for a costume that is both scary and comfortable will love the Beetlejuice and Lydia costumes.

Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume, Black/White, X-Large
Beetlejuice Costume

The offbeat costumes worn by the cast of Beetlejuice play a vital role in the story and introduce the audience to the film’s players. For example, in one scene, a group of recently deceased characters is trapped in a waiting room. This scene has many examples of characters in plain clothes and in character makeup.

The ’80s are a period-appropriate choice for Beetlejuice outfit. Her black lace-up combat boots have notch lapels, and she wears hip pockets with flaps. Her jacket also features a cuff with no vents. A turquoise-filled silver bracelet on her left wrist completes her look.

Lydia Costume

If you’re looking for a great Halloween costume, then a Lydia costume from Beetlejuice is just what you need. This beetle-themed costume features a long wig with a red band, a red dress with a floppy ribbon band, and lace fingerless gloves. You’ll also need a pair of red stiletto boots to finish off the look.

A Lydia costume from Beetlejuice is perfect for a Halloween party! This spooky movie stars actress Lydia Deetz in a dark, pessimistic costume. This costume will allow you to channel Lydia Deetz’s unique sense of style. Lydia’s wardrobe reflects her sensitivity and isolated nature. She wears a lot of black accessories such as black lace and black hats.

Leg Avenue Women's dress, Red, X-Large
Lydia Costume

You can also purchase a wig that looks similar to Lydia’s. The wig can be worn down or tied with a purple ribbon for an artistic edge. If you can’t find a wig with the right shape, you can buy a replica to wear with your costume.

A Lydia costume from Beetlejuice can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. This costume features Lydia as an unhappy young woman who her parents and stepmother grossly misunderstand. She spends her time writing poetry, photography and exploring the supernatural. She also has a flair for the dramatic.


There are many ways to create your own Beetlejuice costume. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; anyone can do it. You can get an online costume or buy fabric and sew it yourself. You can also purchase props, make-up, and wigs to complete your look. Your costume will be a hit at your Halloween party!

Whether you want to look like a ghost, a witch, or the villain Beetlejuice, you can quickly put together a costume for a party. You don’t need to be an expert in sewing to create this costume. Using cheap clothing and accessories, you can put together your own unique outfit in just a few hours.

The movie is a classic; you can be the best Beetlejuice on Halloween! Whether attending a movie screening or a Halloween party, a Beetlejuice costume is a perfect choice. With the right makeup, you can look like a famous monster! Brown eyeshadow and mascara are essential for this look. Make sure to apply lip gloss to finish off your look!

Whether you’re a movie fan or not, you’ll find costumes for the entire cast. From the mischievous Beetlejuice to the costume worn by the human Juno, there are costumes for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of classic horror films or modern films, you will find the right costume for your character.

Beetlejuice Hairstyle

Beetlejuice was originally a winged demon. He was also supposed to be a middle-eastern businessman. He was a more violent character in the early drafts of the script. However, the film ended up with a more human-like character.

In the film, he tries to teach the Maitlands to become scarier ghosts, but to no avail. This strategy is reminiscent of Delia’s life coaching of Lydia in “No Reason”. However, Delia’s advice is mostly useless. Interestingly, Beetlejuice’s power can only be used if a living person says his name three times.

Beetlejuice’s hair is whitish green and gradually changes to purple and red in different scenes. The color also changes to deep electric green in the final scene. The hairstyle is very unusual, but it does fit the character.

The main villain of the movie, Beetlejuice, was a former assistant of Juno, the afterlife caseworker of the Maitland couple. Then, he quit his job and became a Freelance Bio-Exorcist. He is able to expel living humans from ghosts’ homes, so he was hired to help the Maitlands. He is very cruel and crude, so he is not an ideal person to hang out with. In addition to displaying his craziness, he also invades people’s personal space.

Barbara Costume

The Barbara costume from Beetlejuice is an iconic Halloween costume. The movie follows the tragic life of Adam and Barbara Maitland. In the film, the Maitlands were killed when their dog swerved in front of their car during a routine drive. Afterward, their house is sold to the Deetz family, who attempt to reclaim their home by scaring the new residents with their shape-shifting abilities.

The movie has since become a cult classic, and a sequel is reportedly in the works. This is an excellent Halloween costume for a Halloween party, and you can easily wear this spook-worthy outfit to impress friends and family. The spooky movie’s ghoulish couple, Adam and Barbara, try to scare away the new homeowners from their homes by stretching their faces out, but the real scarier ghost is Barbara.

There are many ways to make a Barbara costume for Halloween. For one thing, the mask itself will scare away stubborn houseguests. The mask is made of latex and is designed to resemble Barbara’s monstrous transformation. To complete your look, you can also wear an Adam mask to complete the look.

Rubie's unisex adult Beetlejuice Barbara Costume Mask, As Shown, One Size US

The makeup kit from Beetlejuice will give you a look that’s based on the famous character from Tim Burton’s film. It includes white makeup, a black makeup stick, and tooth wax to complete the look. This costume will make you the most frightening costume at any Halloween party.

Beetlejuice Makeup Kit

In this Halloween season, you can dress up as Michael Keaton’s character Beetlejuice and have a blast scaring unsuspecting people. The popular movie is an American comedy-fantasy classic, and if you want to get in on the fun, there are costumes for both adults and kids.

Spirit Halloween Adult Beetlejuice Wedding Suit - XL

You can get your very own Beetlejuice costume with the right accessories and make-up. A complete costume kit includes a black and white striped suit, a latex mask of the beetle, black socks, and a pair of high-cut shoes. A white shirt can be added to the costume if you wish to be more authentic.

For a complete Beetlejuice makeup kit, you can head over to Melt Cosmetics and buy the Lydia brush set. The set comes with 5 black and white makeup brushes with ornate lace patterns on their handles. This makeup kit will help you achieve Beetlejuice’s eerie, twisted look.

Beetlejuice is a pervert and a rude ghost. He constantly spits on his coat and makes rude gestures. His main concern is for himself. That’s why he forced Lydia Deetz to marry him. It’s easy to imagine this eerie yet entertaining character, and it’s easy to dress up like one this Halloween!

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