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Regarding couples’ Halloween costumes, there is no shortage of choices. From Joe DiMaggio to Frankenstein, Shaggy to Marilyn Monroe, there is a couple’s Halloween costume to suit any pair. If you’re unsure where to start, try looking for ideas on a couple’s Pinterest page. You can even go as far as to make it together if you’re in a rush. Then, all you need to do is find a place to put the costumes in the evening and go trick-or-treating!

Couples Halloween Costumes


The Frankenstein couple is a popular Halloween costume theme. If you plan to dress up as Frankenstein this year, you might want to find matching outfits at your local Halloween costumes store. If not, you can also order one online. This Halloween costume idea is a fun combination of two characters from classic horror films: Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. As you can see, the couple’s costumes are straightforward to put together, but there is one detail you’ll want to consider. The Frankenstein monster’s body must be painted green to look ghostly white, and makeup must include the ripped forehead and eyes. The bride of Frankenstein can wear a black costume, which will look good with the bride’s green gown.

Another idea is to dress as a couple from the movie Juno. The couple’s costumes can include retro workout wear, a big belly, a striped shirt, and makeup. The makeup can be simple or elaborate, depending on your preference. It’s also easy to put together a costume if you’re scrambling at the last minute. Just remember to wear a mask if you want to scare the neighborhood.

Marilyn Monroe

A group of Marilyn Monroe lovers can be an excellent idea for this Halloween! Marilyn’s white pin-up outfit is the perfect look for a Halloween costume party or to go trick-or-treating. There are two websites where you can purchase this costume. Alternatively, you can buy a Marilyn Monroe dress online. You’ll need a dress, makeup, and nylons. Also, be sure to wear a white feather boa. If you’d like to go all out, you can also buy some faux rock, which you can wear on your white opera gloves.

One of the hottest couples of all time, Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio, were both famous for their looks and their lovemaking. You can be either of them or combine them to create a Marilyn Monroe couple group costume. Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress can easily transform into the iconic “Happy Birthday” dress, or you can opt for a Joe DiMaggio costume for your group. Both of these couple’s costumes will look fantastic with face paint!

Another popular couple group Halloween costume is the Addams family. These two characters can be as cute as a couple can be. You can choose to dress as a couple from the movie adaptation of this classic American film or go as a pair from the famous gangster duo. Alternatively, you can dress up as a modern Ariel and her fierce protector. There are many different couples’ costumes to choose from, and they’re guaranteed to be the power couple at your next Halloween party!

Joe DiMaggio

The famous couple Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio have been portrayed on Halloween. Both celebrities had a strong connection with baseball. They were lovers and celebrities alike. Joe DiMaggio played for the Yankees, while Marilyn appeared in movies such as “The Apartment.” A group of friends can wear their favorite costumes this year, including the couples’ classic white dresses and hats. For even more fun, try a Charlie Chaplin or a flapper costume.

In 1954, Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio, a famous baseball player. Marilyn Monroe is the closest celebrity couple Halloween costume to a bridal gown. This look is fun for the whole family. Marilyn Monroe would need a bottle of milk and a playboy bunny. You can also use other things from her life, like a Monopoly board and a Playboy bunny, to get a unique look.


If you’re looking for a fun couple costume for Halloween, consider dressing up as Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. These two characters have become iconic cartoon characters, and are even available as Halloween costumes. While this is an obvious choice for the Halloween party, you can also make a costume of your own. The Shaggy couple outfit requires a green shirt and brown pants, and you can make a Scooby-Doo collar from fabric you find at the craft store.

You can get the look by getting a pair of red capes and blue lace-up boots, a blue wig, and adhesive facial hair. The couple will also need a matching Velma costume. The costumes are also quite simple to make. Despite being cartoon characters, Shaggy and Velma costumes can be worn by any man. The Shaggy costume is easy to pull off on a guy, since it only requires the baggy shirt and bell bottom pants. If you want to make your costume a couple, learn some Shag-isms to go along with the outfit.

A Shaggy couple group costume can be fun for the whole family to wear on Halloween. The Shaggy couple can even be a fun choice for the office! Or, you can go for a theme like “Spooky Couple” to get the office party hopping ready. Plenty of Halloween costumes can be fun and memorable for the whole family. Just remember to have fun with the costumes you choose and be sure to get a few photos of the whole group to remember them by.

Another fun idea for a couple’s costume is the pirate couple. There are several great options for pirate costumes, and these two costumes can make a cute group for Halloween. The Pirates of the Caribbean are also a great idea for Halloween costumes. A group costume can be a great way to celebrate the holiday. And of course, you’ll be saving money too. You can even combine the two outfits with another one for a more unique theme.


Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary this Halloween or are looking for an excellent idea for a group costume; there is a couple of group Halloween costumes for you. Tinkerbell and friends are a classic combination, and there are countless possibilities for group costumes. You can wear a Disney princess dress or a pair of Tinkerbell shoes. Or you can dress up like your favorite Disney villains: Scar, Jafar, or the Evil Queen!

Couples’ Halloween Costumes

Another popular theme for couples is a Jack and Jill ensemble inspired by the nursery rhyme. You can dress as these two characters to create a romantic atmosphere. Or, choose one of these popular costumes: a mobster couple, complete with pinstripe suits, flapper dresses, and feathered accessories. If you’re feeling extra creative, make your couple group Halloween costumes as a pair of gangsters, complete with gangster hats.

Another fun idea for a couple of group costume is to dress up as the Flinstones, a stone-age couple who charmed us as children on television. Wear your favorite costume and accessorize with Wilma’s pearls and Fed’s teal necktie. It’s sure to be a hit! You won’t regret this Halloween costume idea! Your neighbors will be envious!

You can make a Halloween costume out of playing cards if your budget is tight. This one-of-a-kind set of three polyester costumes will make you look like the two most adorable couples in the neighborhood. Plus, the costumes are affordable – each costume costs only around $10! With a little effort, your couple group can become their favorite fairytale characters for Halloween. And, they’ll be the happiest guests on the block! There are so much more options available as Bonnie and Clyde.

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