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serena and blair costume

If you’re in the market for a ’70s-inspired Halloween costume, you’ve come to the right place. You can borrow some tips from the show’s wardrobe designer to create an easy-to-wear, character-appropriate outfit. Plus, you can take inspiration from their wedding dress!

‘Gossip Girl’ inspired ’70s-inspired Halloween costumes

A ’70s-inspired Gossip Girl costume is a fun and unique Halloween costume. The reboot of the popular HBO series introduced a new generation to a new class of style icons. The original show’s iconic fashion icons Chuck Bass and Serena van der Woodsen will be familiar to fans. There’s a fashion icon for everyone in the Gossip Girl ecosystem.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ series is rerunning on HBO Max, and fans can take note of a few trends they can try this Halloween. The show is a perfect inspiration for Halloween costumes, as the characters’ sartorial choices are timeless and easy to imitate. You can feel like a true icon of the ’70s with a costume that is ’70s inspired, without spending a lot.

The costumes of “Gossip Girl” may be controversial. A classic Blair Waldorf costume would feature a white button-down blouse, a skirt, and a tie. A hat and accessories would complete the look of this classic ’70s-inspired Halloween costume.

Lessons from the show’s fashion designer

Learning from the work of others is a great way to learn. After all, creating a wardrobe requires a team of people to collaborate and compromise. Sometimes, the strongest idea wins, but you may have to be flexible with other people’s input if you want your vision to work.

Easy-to-wear clothes

Dress up as the best friends from “The Crown” in an easy-to-wear Serena and Blair Costume! These two best friends are often seen fighting over stolen Eleanor Waldorf designs, so a simple black and red athletic skirt is a great option. A pair of matching black or red knee-high socks and a sweatband complete this look.

Blair’s look is more tailored, while Serena’s look is more casual. She wears a patterned tights, which adds a funky flair to her outfit. The gold dress she wears looks like a modern take on Belle’s iconic gown.

You can get inspiration from the wardrobes of the actresses to create the perfect Blair and Serena costumes. Blair is the epitome of an American Girly Girl! You can find similar looks at H&M and Lulu’s. You can also wear a school uniform for Blair, and make sure to accessorize with bright colored tights or a colorful headband. If you’re looking for a more structured skirt, you can find a lot of options at J Crew and Ann Taylor.

A blouse is a great option for a more feminine look. Gossip Girl fans are usually in their late 20s and 30s, so they look for dresses that are feminine and smart. Blair’s look is a combination of classic styles and preppy, with a touch glam. She’s always dressed to impress, and her hair never comes out of place.

Blair always adds a girly touch to her outfits. Blair wore a combination of a pink cupcake and cream fur collar-cardigan cardigan on episode 19, season 5. Her pink cupcake and cream fur collar cardigan costume is reminiscent of Elle Woods’ dress from Legally Blonde. Although she wore a pink crown, it wasn’t the most expensive part of the outfit.

Blair and Serena are both characterized by their stylish and polished appearances. The sexy pair often wear jeans in the winter. Serena’s skinny jeans, however, are more affordable and can be worn in any season.

Wedding dress for character

The bride’s wedding gown is one of the first things viewers notice when they see Serena and Blair’s big day. The gown is very revealing, and it’s adorned with multiple long strands of necklaces. A large purse and scarf are also worn by the bride. This outfit is very stylish, and fits the diabolical character. The character’s wedding dress is sequined and embellished with heavy chains. The dress can be paired with large sunglasses and a cropped jacket.

Serena’s wedding dress is a natural choice. The actress is known for her love of gold and shimmer. It’s appropriate for her character, especially considering the tension between the two girls. However, Blair’s wedding gown is more classically feminine, reminiscent of Eleanor-Waldorf’s.

The wedding dress of Serena and Blair is very beautiful. It combines both the classic and the modern. Blair’s formal dress has a slit in the front that exposes a little skin. Serena’s dress is a more casual affair with ruffles and floral prints.

Both Serena, Blair and their personalities are very different. While the former is carefree and fun, Blair is serious and critical of her surroundings. She is also very stylish and well-dressed. Despite their differences, they share a similar sense and style.

Blair and Serena are adorned in stunning wedding gowns. It’s not surprising that the show costumer designed the dress worn by their female characters. In addition to Rayna’s wedding gown, the PLL gang also donned stunning wedding gowns for a charity fashion show in “Unbridled”.

Serena van der Woodsen’s wedding dress is a great example of an elegant gown with signature gold details. Georges Chakra designed this stunning gown. The dress is very sophisticated, and perfectly captures the character’s personality. The show makes use of color with a bright yellow dress and black gloves.

This television series has a unique flash-forward storyline. The show’s wedding episode flashes back to Rebecca and Jack’s wedding. As you might imagine, the dress was an ’70s-style wedding dress, and it was also worn by actress Mandy Moore.

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