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If you’re a horror movie fan, the Halloween film series is a great choice. These films are great fun and will keep you coming back to see more. The movie in the series is best viewed in the first viewing order. For instance, you should watch Halloween I first, then move on to Halloween II, and so on. Then, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying every Halloween movie. And if you’re a newbie to the series, this is a great way to get started.

Halloween Kills

If you enjoyed the first two Halloween films, you’d want to see the new sequel, “Halloween Kills.” The sequel is set in three different timelines – one, where Michael is still hunting the ghosts and spirits of Halloween, and the other, when he has stopped. It will be interesting to see how the new story will fit in the rest of the series. Here are some details about the film’s plot and its characters.

The film reintroduces a few key characters from the first movie. Tommy Doyle, Lindsey Wallace, and Marrion Chambers return. Lonnie Elam is introduced as a new villain, and Michael is now waiting for his first victim, which may be the most disturbing element of this film. The sequel also ties in with the previous Halloween films, bringing back many characters. For example, Michael and his victims meet outside a bar, where he finds the “Evil” character.

The sequels to the first two Halloween films are often more satisfying than the originals. The second movie fleshes out Michael’s background, a move that John Carpenter never wanted. However, it complicates Michael’s motivations, as a more human character is created. And in this movie, Rob Zombie attempts to reinvent Michael as a more three-dimensional character. However, this approach is not practical, as the sequels tend to be inconsistent with the first two movies.

The third film in the series, “Halloween Kills”, is the most successful. It’s darker than the previous two, with some quality kills. It’s worth checking out the new film if you’re a fan of the Halloween film series. The last film in the series has a lot of fans, but it’s still a worthwhile watch. The Halloween Kills sequel is a must-watch for fans of the horror genre.

“Halloween Kills” is the highest-rated film in the “Halloween” franchise. It also has the highest kill count of any movies in the series. Michael Myers also set a record for the most deaths by a slasher in mainstream horror cinema. So what are you waiting for? Check out this Halloween sequel and be scared! You’ll thank yourself for watching the series.

Halloween II

The sequel to the original 1978 horror movie Halloween, the new film, Halloween II, is a direct sequel to the original. The sequel picks up directly after the first film’s events, where Michael Myers pursues Laurie Strode to a local hospital to find her. It is unclear who killed Laurie Strode, but Michael Myers appears to have a kinship with Laurie. Despite this, Laurie is left in a dangerous situation.

In the opening title of Halloween II, the movie attempts to link the film to Halloween with a lit pumpkin. However, it does so differently, incorporating more blood and graphic violence than the original film. In this way, the film resembles the slasher movies of the time. In the second film, Michael is seen bleeding after being shot. This scene has the most memorable image in the movie. Nonetheless, this sequel still lacks the original’s emotional depth.

The sequel is a direct sequel to the first Halloween. The first film’s plot is not a part of the franchise canon, but it does serve as a direct continuation of the events in the first film. However, Green said in a new interview that he initially considered making Halloween II a part of the canon but ultimately decided against it. This would have altered the events of Halloween 2018 quite significantly. Green’s decision to rewrite history makes it all the more interesting.

The sequel also focuses on Laurie Strode’s relationship with Michael Myers, who has changed since the original. She has a medical nursing job at a local hospital, but she soon finds out that Michael is his brother. In the first film, Laurie Strode was unaware that her father, Michael, has been hiding his darkest secrets from her. In Halloween II, Laurie is forced to reveal her darkest secrets. This is just one example of how Halloween II ties into the original.

The Halloween Film Series

Halloween Ends

Although the title may imply that the Halloween film series is ending, Blum has assured fans that the series will not end there. In a recent interview, Blum revealed that the new Halloween film is a trilogy. The film will feature new characters and references to the first two films, though it will be clear that the original movie will remain the basis for the franchise. In addition to new characters, Blum also sheds light on Michael Myers and his motivations.

The third in the series, Halloween Ends, has been a critical and commercial success, although it has yet to topple its predecessor. Though it has not surpassed its predecessor, the new film is expected to do quite well at the box office. The new movie will be released on October 14, 2022. As with the previous films, Blumhouse has only three movies in development. If there is a fourth, it would require a new deal. However, it is unclear whether the studio will pursue a new deal in the future.

The third film in the series will follow up on the previous two films. The new film will be set four years after the events of Halloween Kills. It will deal with the recent real-world events that have occurred since the previous films. It will tackle topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic and peculiar politics. This is not, of course, an entirely new idea in the world of horror films. In addition, Curtis has stated that he intends to make the series a trilogy.

The fourth film in the series will follow up the first film, featuring Danny McBride, who was previously only known for his indie-drama work. The new movie will also feature the work of a renowned composer, John Carpenter. Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier will also helm it. The film is co-produced by Blumhouse founder Jason Blum. The film will feature the score from the first film.

John Carpenter’s Original Plan for The Series

After the successful run of the first two Halloween films, John Carpenter planned to make an anthology of Halloween films. The third film, which starred Danny DeVito, was supposed to start this series of films. But after the third film’s mediocre reviews, Carpenter decided to go ahead with the fourth movie and give fans more of Michael Myers’ story. Although his original plan wasn’t a success, fans still loved the sequel.

Although the first Halloween film was not a major production, it is arguably one of the most iconic horror movies of all time. Though “Halloween” wasn’t the first slasher film to be made, it was the first of its kind. While “Black Christmas” was released in 1974, “Halloween” was the first to nail the genre’s tropes perfectly and to perfect its aesthetics. The film’s success gave birth to a subgenre of horror movies which would later become the dominant genre in the next decade.

After the original Halloween, John Carpenter wanted to make an anthology of Halloween movies, but it turned out that he wasn’t done with Michael Myers. Initially, Carpenter planned to kill Michael permanently in the third film, but later changed his mind and decided to make an anthology of films. Season of the Witch was released in 1982 and received poor reviews. Critics labeled it the ugly duckling of the Halloween film series.

In the second movie, Laurie Strode is revealed to be Michael Myers’ younger sister. She was secretly adopted after his parents died. The storyline of the movie left out her family history, as the filmmakers wanted to focus on the randomness of his attacks. Despite this, the sequel was still well received, and audiences have expressed relief that Laurie will get a better ending than the first movie.

The fourth Halloween film was also an adaptation of the first film, directed by David Gordon Green. The story is based on Michael Myers’ childhood and takes place in a parallel universe from the first film. Danielle Harris returns as Laurie’s friend Annie. Despite the changes, the movie was a huge commercial and critical success. The original plot was also similar to the third film. The sequels were not only more successful but also better.


The Halloween Film Series is a set of horror movies that follow the story of Michael Myers. The first two movies were successful, but the third movie was not well-received. The fourth movie was a success, however, and it followed the first movie.

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