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purge costume womens

If you’re planning to wear a Purge costume, you need to make sure that you have a matching mask. To let others know that you are wearing the same costume, you should choose a light-up mask. This is not all you need.


The Purge costume women’s masks are a great choice for Halloween costumes. These masks feature LED lights inlaid over the face and come in a variety of colours. They can be used with two AA batteries and come with two flashing modes as well as one constant mode. They are also rechargeable.

For a more effective look, you can wear a green shirt with a yellow Purge Mask. You can also wear a green purge mask with a red led mask. You can also wear a green dress with a red jacket or fake blood as a prop to create a more authentic look. You can also wear a black dress to add more spooky vibes. You can also wear a glowing or neon-lit dress.

This Halloween costume womens masks set includes a Statue of Liberty mask, complete with a smeared blood. This mask will have green threads on it, and a blood-smeared crown that will light up! A statue of Liberty costume is a great choice if you are looking for something unique.

The Purge costume womens masks can come in many shapes and sizes, but the mask is the most important element. There are many options for the mask, including PVC and EL light wire. You will only be able to recognize the skeleton mask if you are a Purge fan. You can also reuse the mask for other costumes.

Although women’s purge costumes can be different in style, it is important to choose comfortable clothing and masks they will love. You should also consider the fake blood. Women’s Purge costumes must contain blood to replicate the look. There is a purge costume for everyone, no matter if you want to be The Nun’s main villain or just to be scary and creepy.


You should have some scary accessories if you plan to dress up as one of the purge survivors. The Statue of Liberty costume set is one such accessory. It includes a gore-splatter mask, robe, and a fake barbed wire bat for props. You should also have a creepy Uncle Sam suit for extra oomph.

Another essential accessory is a purge mask. A purge mask is a simpler option than a regular mask. It can be applied on white clothing, which is much easier than a regular mask. An excellent choice is a horned masquerade face mask. If you don’t have one yet, any horned masquerade mask will work. Adding fake blood is also easy if you use pre-stained stockings.


If you’re a fan of the TV show The Purge, you can choose any of the many women characters from the movie and wear their costumes to a Halloween party! You can even get a Purge mask to go with your outfit if you want to give your character a more frightening look. The mask is made from PVC and EL light wire and available in a variety colors. A mask that is half skeleton can be found. This mask is only for Purge fans. This mask is durable and can be reused for other costumes as well.

The Candy Girl is another character that can be transformed into a Purge costume. This character is played by Brittany Mirabile and is a fictional character from The Purge movie franchise. In the movie, high school students attempt to rob a candy store, and they return on the night of the Purge to get their revenge. Although her character is extremely twisted, her costume will make heads turn.

Horror fans have loved the Purge TV series and movies, which has spawned many sequels. This franchise has become a popular costume theme for Halloween, and many people have created their own costumes from the inspiration of The Purge movies and the television series. Whether you want to dress as one of the women characters from the franchise or wear a mask inspired by the original movie, you can be sure that the costumes you wear will be spooky, terrifying, and Instagram-worthy.

LED lights are another great way to make your costume more frightening. You can use these to place over your eyes in the shape of a cross, or place them around your mouth to look like stitched-up lips. You can also use highlighter pen to draw large crosses on your eyes and stitches around your lips.


If you’re a fan of the horror movies, then a Purge Costume is for you. This costume is based on the acclaimed action horror series. A retired LAPD sargeant goes on a quest to avenge the death of his son, while protecting a married couple during the Purge. However, they end up getting caught up during the event when their car breaks down. The Purge is a night when government officials lose their immunity to crime and are easily targeted by the public.

The Purge mask is an essential piece of the costume. This mask is made of PVC and EL light wire. It comes in many colors. It also comes with a half-face skeleton mask. A true Purge fan can easily recognize this mask, and it can also be reused for other costumes.

When buying a Purge costume, look for one with the appropriate mask and blood. If you’re a woman, you can opt for a mask that resembles the one in the movie. To complete the look, you can also wear a denim jacket. Fake blood is the last item in a Purge costume.

The Purge franchise has been one of the most popular movies since it debuted in 2013. The movies’ first two films were huge hits. The Forever Purge and The Purge: Election Year followed. It has also been turned into a popular television show. Many Halloween-goers have been inspired by the Purge franchise to dress up in scary costumes this year.

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