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mrs trunchbull costume

The Miss Trunchbull costume is a great way to celebrate World Book Day. This costume features a green formal dress, green woolly legwarmers, and a pair of black eyebrows. This costume is perfect for the beloved book character. For more information on this costume, read on!

Miss Trunchbull

A Miss Trunchbull costume is the perfect choice for a fancy dress party or a Book Week celebration. This costume includes a dress, leg warmers and a fake eyebrow. It is made of 100% polyester and is sized to fit a child between 10 and 12 years old.

This costume is inspired by the character of Miss Trunchbull in the Roald Dahl classic, Matilda. It features a brown trench coat-style dress, light grey legwarmers and monobrow eyebrows. The hairstyle is finished with a bun. The Miss Trunchbull Costume is suitable for all occasions, including Halloween, World Book Day or night out.

Smiffy’s sells a Miss Trunchbull costume based on the iconic character from the famous book. This costume is ideal for Book Week events as well as TV and Movie themed costume parties. It is made of non-stretch fabric with a faux button-down back. An attached belt completes the look. This costume is made from a durable fabric, making it a great choice for anyone of any age.

A Miss Trunchbull costume is an excellent choice for kids with a fierce personality or a demanding nature. A costume inspired by this book will make a child look adorable for Halloween. Besides the dress, kids can add a pair of white socks and a pink pair of shoes.

Another great choice for a Miss Trunchbull costume is a Miss Trunchbull mask. This mask is a replica of the iconic character. This costume is made of high quality fabric that is easy to clean. It has detailed detail on the neck and chest. A tiara can be worn on top.

Costume for Miss Trunchbull

This Miss Trunchbull costume is sure to be a hit at any costume party. This full costume includes a long, tan coat with faux buttons on the front and hook-and-loop closure on the back. You can adjust the length of the belt to your liking, and there are also included stretchy, rib-knit leg warmers. If you want to complete the look, you can also add a faux bushy brow.

This Miss Trunchbull costume includes the dress, legwarmers and eyebrows. It is based upon the famous character Roald Dahl wrote about. This costume is easy to make and makes a great World Book Day costume. There are also a few accessories that you can buy, such as a pair of oversized black socks.

Miss Trunchbull is a sadistic schoolteacher from the beloved Roald Dahl novel, which is adapted for the screen by Netflix. In the movie, Emma Thompson portrays the schoolteacher Miss Trunchbull. Miss Trunchbull is actually a sadist who locked children in a Chokey. However, the movie’s version shows Miss Trunchbull as an actress wearing a face-lifting outfit.

Miss Trunchbull’s style

Miss Trunchbull’s style was known to intimidate the children at her school, Crunchem Hall. She would often put the children in the “Chokey” which is a tall, narrow cupboard with rusty nails and broken glass. She had strict rules. For example, she prohibited girls from wearing pigtails while for boys, long hair was forbidden.

Miss Trunchbull is a character in Matilda’s children’s book. She plays a villainous part in the story. Crunchem Hall Primary School’s evil headmistress is she. She hates education and children. She was an Olympic athlete but is now a terrible teacher. She throws children all the time, including one girl who wore two braids in her hair. Despite her outrageous ways of tormenting her students, she gets away with them.

One of the ways Miss Trunchbull’s style terrifies her students is by using disproportionate punishments for minor offenses. She ropes in other members of the staff to enforce the punishments. She is cruel to children of all backgrounds, including those who are young. In one instance, she made a boy named Bruce Bogtrotter eat a huge chocolate cake in front of the entire school.

In the next chapter, Matilda discovers that Miss Trunchbull has a secret agenda against Jennifer Honey and her family. She discovers her sister has thrown out the red ribbon in her hair as she prepares to enter the classroom. Miss Honey reveals the truth about Miss Trunchbull’s hidden agenda to Matilda. Trunchbull then faints, but she regains consciousness and terrorizes the children.

Miss Trunchbull is a superstitious woman, who fears black cats. She also has an obsession with the clock, and she notices that Miss Honey’s portrait isn’t on straight. Eventually, Matilda escapes from Trunchbull, who is now trying to steal Miss Honey’s doll.

Miss Trunchbull is an evil headteacher who locks the children in “The Chokey” when they misbehave. The actor Emma Thompson has undergone a transformation for the role, and she sports a stern and fierce coat dress and a belt with a gavel and keys. Her appearance was shocking, and she quickly crosses Matilda. Crunchem Hall is ravaged by her.

Miss Trunchbull’s Matilda costume

If you’re looking for a great costume for your child’s Halloween party, you’ll want to consider the Miss Trunchbull Costume from Roald Dahl’s classic story. This officially licensed costume features a long beige coat, socks, and a big black monobrow. This Miss Trunchbull costume looks too cute to be worn by children!

The long tan coat features a hook-and-loop closure at the back and faux buttons at the front. The waist belt can be adjusted to fit comfortably. Legwarmers included are rib-knit. The costume includes a faux bushy eyebrow.

The costume is inspired by a photograph of Miss Trunchbull taken in the same year that the film was made. It shows her as a child with a box of chocolates. It’s also a symbol of love and hope, and is worn by many characters in the film.

The actress who plays Miss Trunchbull in the Netflix adaptation is Emma Thompson. The actor is slightly larger than the original Miss Trunkbull, who was originally portrayed by a man. However, the actress has since lost some of her facial features, and is now wearing prosthetic facial masks.

During the film, Miss Trunchbull wears a costume that resembles a fox. It’s a very funny outfit that reflects her quirky personality. It is also quite a striking and eye-catching costume. It is a great example of how humor and humour can be used to promote the film’s message.

In the film, Miss Trunchbull plays the role of Mrs. Honey’s step-sister. After being abused by her step-sister, she was forced into moving in with him. She claims her sister is responsible for her death.

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